Challenges of Conducting a Critical Ethnographic Breastfeeding Study in the Post-Disaster Settings: Lessons Learned

Shela Akbar Ali Hirani1 , * Open Modal Authors Info & Affiliations
The Open Public Health Journal 20 Jan 2023 COMMENTARY DOI: 10.2174/18749445-v16-e230109-2022-122


Post-disaster settings are the most vulnerable settings where researchers may face challenges specific to their safety, research logistics, and maintenance of ethical integrity in a high-stress context. This paper presents the researcher’s reflections on undertaking a critical ethnographic breastfeeding study in the post-disaster settings of rural Pakistan, where displaced women with young children were under extreme stress due to recurrent natural disasters, displacement, disruption to life, and homelessness. This paper identifies encountered challenges by the researcher during fieldwork in that post-disaster settings, presents the strategies utilized during the fieldwork, and shares recommendations for future researchers on maintaining research integrity in this challenging context.

Keywords: Post-disaster, Fieldwork, Challenges, Lessons, Ethnography, Breastfeeding.
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