Spiritual Health and Job Satisfaction are Inversely related to Nurse Burnout

The Open Public Health Journal 07 Aug 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18749445-v16-230727-2023-95



Recently, the topics of spiritual health and job satisfaction, and burnout of nurses have received the attention of health system researchers. This study aimed at determining the state of spiritual health and job satisfaction and its relationship with job burnout in nurses affiliated with Shahroud University of Medical Sciences.

Materials and Methods:

This cross-sectional study selected 130 nurses working in affiliated hospitals of the university by proportional random sampling in 2022. Also, the study used spiritual health, job satisfaction, and job burnout questionnaires. After data collection, they were analyzed with Chi-square tests and the structural equation method (SEM).


Most of the studied individuals (n= 90, 69.2%) were female nurses. Most of the nurses (80.8%), which were 105 individuals, had moderate spiritual health and 83 (63.8%) had moderate job satisfaction. According to the results, 30 nurses (23.1%) had high emotional exhaustion (EE). Also, 121 individuals (93.1%) had low and moderate personal inadequacy. Meanwhile, 29 individuals (22.3%) had high depersonalization (DP). The level of spiritual health, job satisfaction, and job burnout of nurses was average. There was an inverse relationship between spiritual health and job burnout, as well as job satisfaction and job burnout.


The levels of spiritual health, job satisfaction, and job burnout were average in nurses working in the studied hospitals. Therefore, by conducting activities in the field of promoting spiritual health and creating motivation, and reducing the factors that reduce job satisfaction among nurses, the university can help to increase their level of satisfaction, improve the quality of services, and reduce job burnout.

Keywords: Spiritual health, Job satisfaction, Nurses, Job burnout, Emotional exhaustion, Depersonalization.
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