Legislative Decree no. 101, published on 31 July 2020 in the Italian Official Gazette, the official journal of the Italian Government, sets out the provisions of Directive 2013/59/Euratom, which establishes the basic safety rules for protection against the risks arising from occupational exposure to ionizing radiation.


The main purpose of the legislator was to improve the safety of workers exposed to radiation, updating the previous laws adopted by the Italian government 25 years earlier. Many strategies have been attempted in the past to increase the level of protection of these categories of workers. Still, it is too early to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed measures.


Medical professionals play a leading role among other figures involved in the field of occupational radiation protection. To achieve a reliable and detailed evaluation of the risk assessment, which in Italy must be reported in a specific mandatory report called the “Risk Assessment Document”, the legislator has assigned differentiated but coordinated tasks to all the actors involved with different responsibilities in radiation protection.


The drastic reduction of the dose limits for the crystalline lens is a tool for more effective protection of workers against exposure to ionizing radiation.

Keywords: Italian radiological system, Lens opacities, Eye lens protection, Radio-exposed workers, Legislative Measures, Legislative Decree.
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