This study investigates the maternal outcome of patients with COVID-19 and their babies in the first 24 hours of birth in 2021 in Ayatollah Kashani Hospital, Jiroft.


The widespread spread of Covid-19 was accompanied by concern about vulnerable groups of society such as pregnant women and infants. This group of people in society is susceptible to this disease due to the weakening of the immune system.


This cross-sectional study was conducted on 81 pregnant women with COVID-19 in 2021 in Ayatollah Kashani Jiroft Hospital. The data collection tool was adjusted according to the maternal and neonatal outcomes, and the inclusion criteria included pregnancy over 34 weeks confirmed by ultrasound and infection with COVID-19 confirmed by PCR test. Data were collected using a checklist and maternal and neonatal outcomes were reported. Data were analyzed with SPSS version 25 software and the significance level was ≤ 0.05.


The prevalence of death in mothers with COVID-19 was 3.7%, in the present study, there was no higher rate of cesarean delivery, and 14.8% had premature delivery. The Apgar score of the examined infants at minute 0 was higher than 7, and infant death was not found, 18.5% were transferred to ICU and 29.6% had lung involvement.


The results of this research showed that maternal complications, especially maternal death were more than expected but symptoms in infants did not significantly increase and infant death was not found in this study. However, it should be noted that the complications of COVID-19 in infants can be serious.

Keywords: COVID-19, Pregnancy, Infant complications, Hospitalization, Pregnancy, Babies.
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