Health System Strategies and Adolescent Sexual Health: A Systematic Review of the Literature using Rodgers Concept Analysis Framework

The Open Public Health Journal 21 December 2021 SYSTEMATIC REVIEW DOI: 10.2174/1874944502114010526



Health Systems Strategies play a key role in determining Adolescent Sexual Health outcomes. This study aims to review the literature on the relationship between Health Systems Strategies and Adolescent Sexual Health issues guided by Rodger's evolutionary concept analysis framework. The study further develops a Conceptual Framework that would guide a study that seeks to “Develop strategies to facilitate safe sexual practices in adolescents through Integrated Health Systems in selected Districts in Zimbabwe.”


Adolescents, Health Systems, Sexual Health, and Strategies were used to search for published literature (in English) on Google Scholar, PUBMED, EBSCO, Cochran Library, and Science Direct. A total of 142 Articles and 11 reports were obtained, and the content was screened for relevance. This led to 42 articles and 03 reports being found suitable and relevant, and thus, the content was reviewed. Thematic analysis was done to identify attributes, antecedents, and consequences of Health Systems Strategies on Adolescent Sexual Health. These findings were then used to inform the development of the Conceptual Framework.


Key attributes, antecedents and consequences of Health System Strategies on Adolescent Sexual Health were identified. Strategies to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health outcomes were also identified.


Different contextual factors influence policy changes and the consequences are mixed, with both positive and negative outcomes.

Keywords: Adolescents, Antecedents, Attributes, Consequences, Health Systems, Sexual Health, Strategies.
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