The Impact of Preconception Counseling Through ayukSEHAT Application for Conceiving A Healthy Baby

Fanny Ayudia1, *, MD Yusrawati2, MS Mudjiran3, Kes M. Firdawati1, Ahmad Syafruddin Indrapriyatna4
1 Faculty of Public Health, University of Andalas, Padang, Indonesia
2 Department of Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Andalas, Padang, Indonesia
3 Department of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Padang State, West Sumatra, Indonesia
4 Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Andalas, West Sumatra, Indonesia

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Many adverse outcomes encountered by mothers and infants are directly attributable to the woman's health prior to conception. The preconception period is ideal for the bride and groom to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Several preconception risk factors, like biomedical, social, and environmental, can contribute to adverse perinatal outcomes. In the digital era and the COVID-19 pandemic, a mobile phone application, as the most effective method for intervening in behavior change, can help respond to pregnancy risks by disseminating information, promoting healthier lifestyles, and assisting users in making informed decisions.


The study aims to assess the effectiveness of the ayukSEHAT mobile phone applications in promoting knowledge and changing the perception and attitudes of brides and grooms.


The study used a quasi-experiment pre-posttest with a control group design. Sample selected by purposive technique among 138 brides and grooms from November 2021- March 2022 at Kuranji and Padang Timur Health Center, Padang City, Indonesia. The experiment group (n=69) received preconception counseling through the ayukSEHAT application for 4 weeks, and the control group (n=69) received conventional methods. Data were analyzed using Wilcoxon signed rank test.


There were significant differences in the level of knowledge (p<0.001), attitude (p<0.001), and perception (p<0.001) between the experiment and control group before and after getting counseling using the ayukSEHAT application.


The ayukSEHAT application is an effective method in preconception counseling to increase the knowledge, perceptions and attitudes of brides and grooms. Stakeholders in the public health center recommended using this application to prepare for healthy pregnancies.

Keywords: Application, Brides and Grooms, Counseling, Preconception, ayukSEHAT, COVID-19.