Although epilepsy is one of the most prevalent and severe neurologic disorders, our knowledge of its intricate pathophysiology and skills to manage are still limited. Recognising its early signs and symptoms are crucial skills for caregivers of epileptic patients to acquire. This study was aimed at assessing the effectiveness of an education programme on improvement in the caregivers’ knowledge of epilepsy and first-aid practices. The findings will assist caregivers of children with seizures who frequently experience fear and anxiety relative to their perceived confidence to manage seizures. Education to caregivers could improve their perceived level of self-efficacy.


A community-based, pre- and post-intervention survey was conducted at neurologic care clinics across Saudi Arabia. Data were collected using a pretested, semi-structured, interviewer-administered questionnaire. The educational intervention was aimed at disseminating information via a short talk and video demonstration of epilepsy-related first-aid good practices. Data were analysed using SPSS version 21.


Pre-intervention survey of 586 caregivers revealed that nearly 60% had inadequate knowledge of epilepsy; this was reduced to 23.2% after education. Similarly, 84% of caregivers had inadequate knowledge of first-aid practices before the educational intervention, but this was reduced to 32.4% after that. Having resided in the Western regions was a negative predictor of good first-aid practice knowledge scores, both before and after education. A university degree or higher education was positive predictor of higher knowledge scores both before (T=-4.564; p<0.001) and after education (T=-2.775; p=0.025). The oldest caregivers (>50 years) exhibited a significantly lower mean first-aid practice knowledge score (F=7.771; p=0.001).


Caregivers’ general and first-aid practice knowledge were generally poor prior to but were both markedly improved after educational interventions. Targeted educational health promotion could bring awareness to those with lower levels of education and older caregivers living in particularly the Western regions of Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: Seizure, Epilepsy, First aid, Knowledge, Practices, Caregiver.
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