Volume 17, 2024


    Perceptions of Medication Adherence among Elderly Patients with Hypertension in Bangkok: A Qualitative Study

    Apichaya Kongsa, Praleena Thongsri, Araya Chiangkhong and Angkana Chongjarearn

    The Open Public Health Journal, 2024; 17: e18749445280796.
    Electronic Publication Date: February 20, 2024

    Predicting Commitment of Married Women based on Emotional Intimacy, Cognitive Flexibility, and Irrational Beliefs of Infertile Couples in Arak City in the 2021:A Cross-sectional Study

    Katayon Vakilian, Sara Ebrahimi, Mohammad Fouladvand, Azam Moslemi and Nazila Najdi

    The Open Public Health Journal, 2024; 17: e18749445267020.
    Electronic Publication Date: February 14, 2024

    A Comprehensive Review of Toxoplasmosis: Serious Threat to Human Health

    Aswin Rafif Khairullah, Shendy Canadya Kurniawan, Agus Widodo, Mustofa Helmi Effendi, Abdullah Hasib, Otto Sahat Martua Silaen, Sancaka Chasyer Ramandinianto, Ikechukwu Benjamin Moses, Katty Hendriana Priscilia Riwu, Sheila Marty Yanestria, Muhammad Esa Erlang Samodra and Daniah Ashri Afnani

    The Open Public Health Journal, 2024; 17: e18749445281387.
    Electronic Publication Date: February 12, 2024

    Explaining the Performance of Nurses in Order to Prevent Nosocomial Infections in Urmia City Hospitals: Application of the Health Belief Model

    Baratali Rezapour and Naser Sharafkhani

    The Open Public Health Journal, 2024; 17: e18749445256801.
    Electronic Publication Date: January 11, 2024